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It's TIME for another Mystery bag! And given the holiday is upon us we thought, let's do a rockin end of the YEAR BAG! We will have purchased some exclusive items that will ONLY be available in the Holiday TREAT YOURSELF mystery bags. We will have items never ever shown that we ordered JUST for this bag so it would be EPIC!!
So what is the Mystery bag anyways??
A mystery bag is a bag stuffed with goodness. You are GUARANTEED to get way MORE that what you pay in your bag! DOUBLE and a few TRIPLE the value!! Bags will be stuffed with some of the following items:
Beauty products
Graphic Tees
Holiday Earrings
Cozy Socks
and more who knows what other magic!!!
What I will need from you to claim a bag:
- Graphic Tee SIZE (for the graphic tee I would like to know if you would like a Jesus based Christmas tee or just a FUN tee , I would also like to know if you like glitter or no glitter on your graphic tee
- Top size
- Sock Size
To claim:
It will be 99 dollars AND the fun is you will receive TWO deliveries of items
So the first bag will come the first week of December and the second bag will come mid December
I will keep you very informed of when I start shipping
We've done a few grab bags and most of the feedback was epic!
Please Note that mystery bags are final sales and we do our very best to send great stuff! I've gotten email after email from folks loving what they received on our last mystery bag so only play if you are comfortable with surprises. because you are getting a mad deal no credits or other discounts or gift cards can be applied to this purchase because its already such a crazy deal.
let's have fun ladies!! these bags are a celebration of YOU and YOU deserve a treat and we want to LOVE on you as you are why we do what we do !! We soooooo appreciate you
Although we don't do requests if there is something you REALLY 100% cannot stomach, say a color orange, or glitter makes you gag, or you don't have ear holes, please do let us know that so we can do our best to make you extra happy! But please don't leave a wish list of items as these are random mystery bags that I pack with a lot of love, care and it takes tons of time for me to pick items just for these bags
Please also note that we cannot guarantee that you will get a specific item. We do however GUARANTEE that bags will have WAY more than the value you pay. so either way, you are getting a great deal for a great price. And after this year ladies you deserve to TREAT YOURSELF